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Grumpy Stu and Happy Dave talk tech progress in social housing. 

We have a special guest today. A truly wonderful person called Caroline Duvier. Listen and learn as we talk sustainability in general but also related to social housing and technol...

Three men, bagpipes, sporrans and housing technology.

We talk about how critical it is to ensure an organisation looks at data driven strategies. 

How would have thought Kajagoogoo would be mentioned on a podcast for social housing technology.

How we won the war.

This week we equate governance to how we won the war.,

Dave Loudon, Stewart Davison and Dr Gaby Wolferink talk data, and avoid artillery shells while they are at it.

Stu and Dave run though some articles and posts that have caught their eye this last week.

Stu and Dave talk IoT and the findings from the UnCon 2, the IoT special.    

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